I'm a freelance musician, songwriter, composer, sound engineer, producer and audio designer.
I have written, recorded and produced numerous songs in a variety of studio set-ups over the last twenty years.

I play guitar, drums, bass and sing in my pop band Sam and Me (formed 2003), in which I have taken responsibility for all engineering, recording, arranging and production roles in numerous demo recordings and one album proper.

I've worked closely with the label/promoter the band are signed to, Manchester's 'Akoustik Anarkhy Recordings'. This has invoved live sound engineering and many other aspects from bookings and promotion to laying out artwork for other bands.

I have released a number of EDM/house tracks and mixes under the name 'AMCSU' and two rap/spoken-word tracks under the name 'Me'

I also like making mash-ups, which I release under the name Green Fingers.

I've contributed music and SFX to a variety of mobile/video games including; 'Fish Food' (Android platforms - 400,000 downloads) 'CrossRoads' (iOS) and Tomb of Qin (iOS).

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